Barlows In Birmingham

london2012-logoNo, I am not competing in the 2012 London Olympics. But I will be one of the 75,000 volunteers helping to run the Games. Growing up as a kid, the Olympics always had a certain "magic something" - and I could hardly resist this one occasion that I'll be close enough to take part.

Training for volunteers began last weekend - with a big rally at Wembley Arena. It was quite a show, trying to impress on the 10,000 in my orientation session how key the "Games Makers" (that is the trendy name for we volunteers) are in creating the spirt of the Games.

I think it will be a good learning experience and allow me to meet a whole group of people I wouldn't get to know otherwise. I am also looking forward to helping with the volleyball part of the games, since that is one of my passions.

A big feature this autumn has been organizing Training Huddles for local leaders in the two Birmingham churches. We also have invited potential leaders and colleagues from our team in Dublin.

The first, held in November, focused on how to lead from upfront - in any sort of group gathering (small-group study, church service, talk, guiding a prayer time, leading a public worship time). A worship leader from another Birmingham church came along to share in the training.

The second, held in December, began a series of Huddles - 3 so far - on how to interpret the Bible and share it with others. Included in the training were sections on how to glean the sense of a passage in the Bible, how to construct a lesson, and some beginning tips on how to share the lesson. Still much to learn, but the sharing (and hopefully, learning) has been rich and appreciated.

Looking for future monthly Training Huddles still to come!

250px-C.s.lewis3Over the next few weeks, I will be concentrating on a research paper for a CS Lewis course I took in May. To settle on a topic, I am inviting input from anyone who has an opinion. The question is simple: if CS Lewis was alive and writing today, what topics do you think he would address when looking at our world - especially the Western world?

If interested, go to this blog to have a look at some of the responses that have already come in:

    CS Lewis Research blog

Then, add your opinion by sending an e-mail to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for joining in on the research!

raptureA few days ago, the world as we know it was supposed to end - according to a prediction by Harold Camping, the voice of Family Radio and former sound Bible teacher. Widespread secular media covered his May 21st prediction, even quoting back to him biblical passages stating that NO ONE knows the time when Jesus will return.


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