Barlows In Birmingham

raptureA few days ago, the world as we know it was supposed to end - according to a prediction by Harold Camping, the voice of Family Radio and former sound Bible teacher. Widespread secular media covered his May 21st prediction, even quoting back to him biblical passages stating that NO ONE knows the time when Jesus will return.



But to no avail. With the date come and gone - and no apparent change in the state of affairs - Harold and many from his team are trying to re-state what they really meant to say, with some allusion to October 21st now as the date of the Rapture. (To be fair, there was one high-placed Family Radio representative who was remorseful and apologised for misleading people.)


But nothing from the rest: no doubt, no apology, no hesitation. I wish the Church could write an “open letter” to Camping asking him to please stop inviting scorn from the world. And what would happen if we returned to the Old Testament practice of stoning prophets whose prophecies do not come true?!


For the rest of us, we sort of assumed it couldn’t be the end. But what if the end of the world was just around the corner. There are many biblical texts that warn us to be ready. Are you? Am I? While we don’t want to be hysterical, these questions can help focus our time and energy.


What would change in the way we live today, if we knew the end was tomorrow?


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